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Status Updates

2016-09-05: title added to greenlight with the title of 'DayDream'
2016-09-06: title changed from 'DayDream' to 'Daydream'
2017-06-08: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-12-31: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Daydream is a game set in imagination of a child and features disconnected dreams that are result of what he views in reality and gets a distorted glimpse of it in dreams. The game is time based similar to short bursts of dreams we see. Every dream consist of some task and that gets harder as the dream comes close to end. Similar to daydreams that has near to no connection with other dreams, the worlds and challenges faced through the game will be disconnected!

Gameplay is kind of casual and suits anyone looking for short time based challenge. Other aspects of game includes action and strategy as game becomes harder you need to be good in both of these.

You as a gamer will play those challenges in his imagination where you get 5 minutes for each challenge. You will be tasked in every minute and are required to complete at least 3 of those tasks to advance in the Daydream world. Although the only interact able things in the imagination are what we call Orbs and the imagination does hinders in the manner how Orbs should behave!

* Randomness for added replay ability.
* Time based challenges placed in 5 unique dream places.
* Skill based gameplay that improves upon while testing your strategy, quick actions, patience and more.
* 6 impactful music to immerse in the challenges by our artist.
* Difficulty scaling with respect to time and the last minute being the nightmare of challenge.
* In game achievements system.

Please watch the video in 60FPS mode for exact smoothness and forgive the patchy video scenes. The exact scene will look like as shown in images, video compression ruins few things a bit. Gameplay is guaranteed to be smooth :)

More about the game

Below is description according to worlds shown in the video:
The first challenge is placed in space where the Orbs that represent planets experiencing unusual gravitational pull. As the challenge progresses the gravitational pull increases. The catch here is that every orb is of different size and hence the gravitational pull affects them differently. You will be tasked to not allow those planet orbs to fall off the view and that needs serious patience and estimation of world’s gravitational pull cause “The bigger they are the Faster they fall”.

Second challenge is Fairy tale themed where orbs are hurdles in imagination spoiling the view. This world is inspired from human thinking, as we try to meditate on something our brain bombard us with random things. We try to avoid those random things but they appear again with different form and process continues. These orbs are just waiting to be thrown away but as the time passes strategies kicks in. Like the thrown orbs won’t get counted when they are in touch with others and they reverses this trick too. Finally orbs starts to collide and needs to be dispatched in lumps to achieve the target with the last challenge being to knock out all orbs with the help of one single orb!

Third world in the video represents a silent water world where the orbs represents nasty creatures trying to escape premises. You can stop them one at a time but doing so will unleash other orbs in a random run. As the panic increases they makes it even harder to get a hold of them. This scene features a view blocking reef riddled with weed and orbs leaving from here makes it even more difficult to manoeuvre.

Fourth world takes inspirations from Horoscope and here the Orbs represents 4 moon signs. These Orbs are at different depths and changes it through the challenge. The task here is to align them in a row with a particular depth relation making this a strategic as well as balancing act.

Fifth world in the video is placed in a ruined forest and you will be the fire fighter in here. The forest is almost fully burned and there are orbs that are responsible for the fire, smoke blocks the view and only thing that can help here is blower Orb. Blower Orb helps to see off the smoke and you can then put the fiery orbs out of the forest. As the challenge progresses you put more and more fiery orbs off the forest and hence their number decreases. This in turn results in increases difficulty as now blower Orb cannot find them with ease because of decreased density!

Icon concept
The bright icon represents day and the clear sky within the think cloud is the dream. Other than that there are clouds surrounding think cloud in the entire icon imitating the hurdles that don't let you think clearly. In a line it is
"Clouds that shrouds my think cloud".