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Mutant Football League

Status Updates

2016-08-25: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Mutant Football League'
2016-09-05: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-09-23: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Mutant Football League is an arcade-style action sports game where wisecracking Monsters and Mutants take the field to battle it out in the most violent game ever played in this funny and brutal parody of professional football. Think NFL Blitz with mutants, chainsaws, and deaths. This is a single and multiplayer game (2 to 4 players).

Mutant Football League pays homage to the classic Mutant League Football franchise by combining a great playing action football game with deep strategy, bone-crunching hits, over the top gore, and a graveyard full of tongue-through-cheek humor. Fans of the original game that have played this at PAX Prime, Gen Con, and C2E2 all love it! We want to bring Mutant Football League to YOU!!! So vote YES for MFL!

20 vicious teams are made up of a variety of fully 3D characters including: Skeletal Deadheads, Sentient BattleDroids, Criminal Aliens, Bio-engineered Super-Humans, and Monstrous Orcs. Teams include: the Mile High Chronic, Midway Mutants, and Croakland Invaders.

This is a game to be played with friends, so we're bringing online and offline multiplayer for 2 to 4 players - competitive and co-op - so you can laugh at your friends while you crush them under your cleats, or team-up and destroy all who dare challenge you.

This is the wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game ever! Players inflict maximum carnage on the opposition with brass knuckle punches, steel-toed kicks, hand grenades, clubs, battle axes, and even chainsaws! Over the top visual and gore effects include blood splatters, comically horrific deaths, fire effects, exploding body parts, and dismemberment.

Punch, pass, and kick your way through freakishly large stadiums packed with crazed and obnoxious weapon-wielding fans cheering their teams on! The playing fields are strewn with diabolical hazards, booby traps, and debris such as land mines, toxic moats, thin ice, and lava flows. If the obstacles don't kill you, the weather probably will. Watch out for lightning strikes, acid rain, blizzards, and the occasional meteor shower. No two fields are the same and they’re all deadly!

These are nasty, mean, unfair, and lowdown plays intended to devastate the opposition, and if that doesn’t work, kill them. Each team has its own set of twisted audibles such as the classic "Bribe the Ref" where you payoff the referee to look the other way, or new additions like "Chainsaw Massacre" where your runningback pulls out a league-approved chainsaw and slices and dices the defense into submission, and "Ginormous” where your blitzer grows 5-times his normal size - have fun trying to block him!

Mutant Football fans are a crowd-sourced community helping to design the game they want to play. They contribute player names and species types, as well as determining field properties like playing surfaces, available weapons, and hazards. The have developed standard plays, Dirty Tricks, sponsor parodies, and even music! The fans have already brainstormed some crazy and clever ideas!

The original Mutant League Football was released by Electronic Arts in 1993 for the Sega Genesis. It was created and designed by Michael Mendheim, who is the driving creative force behind this new game. The original's blend of monsters, mayhem, and good ol' American team sports turned it into a cult classic and a #1 seller. The touchdown success of MLF spawned a spin-off (Mutant League Hockey: Sega Genesis, 1994), as well as a toy line, and an animated cartoon series (Mutant League).

Mutant Football League is a brand new vision for a new generation of players, but it will retain the spirit of what gamers loved most from the original. Help The MFL come out of the darkness, and into the Greenlight! Vote Yes!