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King of Crowns Chess

Status Updates

2016-08-01: title added to greenlight with the title of 'King of Crowns Chess'
2016-08-01: item has been marked as Incompatible
2016-08-01: item has been marked as Compatible
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2016-08-04: item has been marked as Compatible
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2016-08-05: item has been marked as Compatible
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-10-07: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

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About King of Crowns Chess

King of Crowns Chess is a multiplayer online chess game and community in the tradition of AoF Chess Club but fully modified with totally new features and a new updated look. A unique score system involving completing card decks now adds more diversity to the game and a new ranking system based upon your total score also makes the game more interesting. You can now earn titles, ranking and trophies as well. You also have 4 clubs to join based upon your total score. There is a leaderboard and chat for each club and multiple games can be played at any given time.

What makes King of Crowns Chess Different?

1. King of Crown Chess has a unique score system and card collecting system which adds diversity to the game. All players gain in game cards after completing a game. If you win, you earn more cards and chances at rares. When you complete a deck in the game, you can trade them in for card points which increases your total score. When you join a tournament club and play other players in a tournament club, you earn even more cards and chances at more rares. You also earn score points based upon how many games you've completed, games you've won and your over all elo.

2. King of Crowns Chess can be played through any web browser, PC, phone, tablet or Smart TV. A one time payment is required for a lifetime access. NO monthly fees or hidden costs. No banner advertisements, bots or pay to win schemes, just chess.

3. All real players, no bots or computer AI. Our ranking system is based upon our exclusive steam members and you'll find active players from around the world you can compete with.

4. Multiple games can be played at any given time making the game pace for casual or hardcore players. You can play 10-20 games at once or just one good game at a time, the choice is yours. You can set your play style to Casual, 1 Day or BLITZ and invite players based upon their selected play style.

5. Because our game is browser based, you don't have to worry about losing your game to a sudden application crash.

Multiplayer and Multiple Games:

Because you can have multiple games playing at once, game matches can be played at your leisure. Each player has 3 days to complete a move before the game is considered abandoned and the opponent can declare that game a win. This is to keep all games fair and active. You can select your play style for BLITZ or 1 Day style games and invite players of your preferred play style. Our match making system is also simple. You can search for players using our Match Lobby, by joining a club or by looking in our global ranking list.

Score and Player Ranking:

King of Crowns Chess has a unique score and ranking system. Your total score consists of your total games played (Seniority Score), your total games won (Mastery Score), your elo score and total (Card Points).

Clubs and Club Ranking:

There are 4 clubs you can join based upon your total score. If your score is high enough, you can join a Tournament club for expert players. If you join a Tournament club, you can earn more cards and have more chances at rare cards when you also play other Tournament players.

Game Stability & Reliability:

Because the game is browser based and each move stored in our database, no need to worry about losing your game due to a client crash or system error.

All players are paid members. This also ensures a sense of fairness in the community and reliability in scoring and ranking.

Exclusive to Steam Members:

King of Crowns Chess is exclusive to the steam community. This means you need a steam account in order to play. You can also link your steam profile to your in game profile so you can easily connect with other players on steam.

Notable Features Include:

Earn Cards & Complete Decks - You can earn cards within the game every time you complete a match. More cards are earned when you win a match with chances at rare cards. When you complete a deck, you can trade your cards in for "Card Points" which adds to your total score.

4 Clubs to Join - You can join one of 4 clubs each with leaderboard and chat box. You can join a club based upon your total score.

Chat Box - A chat box has been added for each club for members to post chat messages in. You must be in a club to view your club's chat messages and to engage in chat.

Match Lobby & Chat - A match lobby has been added where you can select your player style and organize matches with other players. Play styles include "Casual", "BLITZ", "1 Day".

Chess board pieces and board colors - We've added 5 total board pieces with 5 different board colors in total.

New award medals & trophies - You can earn medals, titles and trophies that appears below your avatar.

Chess game timer - A timer has been added to the game where you can see how long it's been since the last player's move.