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Maximum Action

Status Updates

2016-07-29: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Maximum Action'
2016-08-01: item has been marked as Incompatible
2016-08-01: item has been marked as Compatible
2016-08-05: item has been marked as Incompatible
2016-08-05: item has been marked as Compatible
2016-08-24: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-07-21: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
"Maximum Action" is a Sandbox First Person Shooter where your main goal is action! Jump, dive, slide, kick, shoot, reload, dual wield, and slow down time whilst playing through your own levels! "Maximum Action" is fully customizable, change everything from guns to physics. Create your own scenarios and action packed levels, "Maximum Action" is truly a playground for you to do anything you desire.

"True" FPS meaning that in this game, your character movement and animation are all based off of a realtime character, when you look around he adjusts his body and walking in certain directions affects your weapon and view. As well as aiming up and down his arms stay attached to his body, instead of following the camera. Compared to a FPS where the weapons are "glued" to the screen, or just do not take any outside interaction into account.

  • Realistic First Person Movement
  • Full Body Awareness
  • Dynamic Ragdolls
  • Dynamic Dual Wielding
  • Cover System
  • Diving and Sliding
  • "Action Time" Slow Motion
  • Fully Customizable
  • Realistic and Fun Weapons
  • Horse Riding!
  • Melee Combat, from Pencils to Swords
  • 90's Arcade Style Graphics ("Flat Shading")


Sandbox Mode
  • Create and Save Levels
  • Shoot everything

Elevator Mode
  • Randomly Generated Levels ("Floors")
  • Goal : Reach the next Elevator
  • Shoot everything
  • How many floors can you survive?

Scenario Mode
  • Save the hostages
  • Defuse the bomb
  • Plant the bomb
  • Disable the satellites
  • Shoot everything


"Maximum Action" is not a complex or morally ambiguous shooter, your goal is simple, kill the bad guys. Where the complexity lies is the various methods of doing so. "Maximum Action" balances fun and wacky physics with realistic gunplay. The footage and screenshots you see are still early on in development, there is so many more weapons, enemies, levels, and modes I want to add/improve. This game is NOT an asset flip, (for once) Go to my youtube channel BalloonMoose for a full update history of development videos for this game.

-George Mandell, 2016