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Rise Of Titans

Status Updates

2016-07-28: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Rise Of Titans'
2016-08-01: item has been marked as Incompatible
2016-08-01: item has been marked as Compatible
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2016-08-05: item has been marked as Compatible
2016-08-09: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-06-26: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

TCG game with an interactive 3D battlefield with a total of 120 cards in its first version. The game is mainly addressed to an online card game, fantasy-themed set in different factions’ battlefields. Interactive battlefields with three scenarios intermeshed. The link is a neutral battlefield.

In this first phase we’re creating a project with three factions and a total of 120 cards. Among them there are 36 cards of faction (12 cards for each faction) and 84 neutral cards. For further extensions we’ll seek for thematic expansions to give versatility to the goal of the game and bring new mechanics.

We’ll make this purpose with the inclusion of a new faction, new heroes, as well as new decks of cards. Each expansion will include 120 new cards. The project is a free to play game, making room for every player to try it.

The player will act as the errant character, which wanders in forests and run into this world already forgotten. Inside it epic battles will have place, fighting to go back to the world that once saw them born. The aim is to make your chosen faction win its battles and lead it closer to eternal salvation.

However, the project in its early phase will set out for a multiplayer online strategy card game where its strengths are the playability and strategy. So in order to provide the game with these two strengths it will be developed on an interactive 3D battlefield.

Rise of Titans for us is the tip of the iceberg. This project is intended for a second very important phase. The main game it’s pretend to be a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre where will use the factions, heroes and some characters created in the current project. It’s "lore" and setting will be the continuation of this first release.

The project is established in three phases: development, testing phase and promotion. For the first two phases (development and testing) tempo shall not exceed from six months.


A faction of creatures, spells and artifacts is created, which will be along all the battlefields helping the chosen faction to reach its goal; they’ve always been mercenaries. Among them we can find beasts, humans, zombies, elementals, etc.

In the case of the Egyptians we find Isis. This goddess seeks to take advantage of its magical strategies and control power. Use it to control the enemy and end up defeating them with the power of magic and mystical creatures.

Nordics historically have won the reputation of being considered wildlings. Ullr is the god of hand to hand combat and you must make the most of its attack power. He’s a hero targeted for aggro type of decks which seek without delay the hand to hand combat and the possibility to eliminate the enemies quickly.

Finally we find the Greeks with Athena as heroin. These use the goddess of battle looking for a balance between control and brute strength. This faction fights using more like a Mid-Range strategy that embodies the versatility that has always joined them.

One of the most important in game elements of the entire project, if not the most important. The battlefields just as the main menu are our hallmark. That unusual factor that makes the project unique and from non-others than Giantfox.

In this case it’s a battlefield with hexagonal areas in which you can move, and it will also be interactive and 3D modelled.

We decided to divide the battlefield in three clear and defined areas. One of them it’s the common area or neutral field which it’s used as union between the other two fields. We’ve chosen a neutral element like a river because it helps to create a strategic point (it has three non-penalization points of movement) plus it acts as a divider.

The other two areas are the faction battlefields, this means that your field with be set depending on which faction you choose to fight with. And there are three field factions: Greek, Nordic and Egyptian.

On the other hand one of the most dynamic elements, aside from the three possible areas of attack used to cross your field, are the interactive elements on your field. Every item that stays in your area or even in the opposite’s area can be used to get a strategic advantage.

For example, the citadels that all fields have are checkpoints. If the hero manages to conquer (it just has to pass through that area making a stop in one shift) can invoke the creatures at that location or nearby. Other strategic elements are the forests, the plains and the mountains because they can be used to get a competitive advantage or simply to make the opposite’s goal harder to reach. You’ll find these advantages in the shape of improved attributes, special attributes or special areas of creation. And these can be a source that may complicate the path of the opponent by forcing its troops to cross by a less favorable area or just because those areas will be able to alter the movements negatively.

The total area of the game is a battlefield of 81 hexagonal positions (9x9). A maximum of 20 creatures per faction is estimated on the battlefield so there are still left twice of the positions to maneuver.

The player is free to choose his strategy but it’s important not to make the game last too long neither end it up with one attack and glory. So we’ve created bottlenecks to help avoiding this kind of games (the ones that last an eternity and the ones that last a blink).

The battlefields will have several elements for each type of cards which will create a false sensation of game cards. The throttle element will be the strategy of combat and battlefield adaptation by the player when facing the battle.

The music section is a very special component for the company. We’ve sought composers who bring us their experience in order to make the playing time a pleasant, fun and inclusive time.

Currently three companions of the company are dedicated to the music aspect. Two of them are more focused to external elements as the promotional trailer, the teaser, fx, etc. And a third one focused on the ost of the video game.