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2016-07-05: title added to greenlight with the title of 'THE WALL'
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2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
THE WALL is an action packed 3d game in which you build a wall brick by brick (with a gun) to repel your character's worst nightmare, people not from your country. Similar to a tower defense game, you must build as quickly as you can while hordes of enemies attempt to break and bypass THE WALL. The focus of the game will be fast-paced, never ending action as opposed to other tower defense games which are usually slower and more strategy oriented.

-THE BRICKER: A gun that shoots bricks
-A jetpack fueled by the media's outrage
-Powerups that spawn to help you fight, namely: Ultra fast firing rate, Double shot, Triple shot, Freeze Time, Infinite jetpack fuel and more
-Wave system: Fight increasingly harder waves of enemies.
-Upgrade system: Gather currency as you successfully defend and build THE WALL to upgrade most of your stats: Your movement speed, your BRICKER's base firing rate, your jetpack's fuel consumption rate, the amount of spawning powerups, etc.
-Many enemies representing various stereotypes of minorities and/or nationalities with wildly varied abilities, forcing you to be careful in how you build THE WALL. For example, middle eastern flying carpet guys can float above your walls unless you shoot them down. Jihad planes will destroy 3 panels of wall, so don't put all your bricks in the same panels.

-A small range of wildly differing levels/borders around the globe (and maybe even outside of it): MEXICAN BORDER, CANADIAN BORDER, ISIS BORDER (yes sir), ASIAN BORDER, PARALLEL UNIVERSE WHERE AMERICA TRIES TO KEEP PARALLEL UNIVERSE AMERICA OUT, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
-GIGANTIC FINAL BOSSES with a theme related to the specific level/border they're from. you will be put into a giant PATRIOBOT (robot) to fight them. This might change into a simpler aerial type of combat using only the bricker and some new gimmick. A prototype of the PATRIOBOT will definitely be released and with your comments, might be improved or trashed.

STORY (yes)
The *story* will revolve around you experiencing one of the main character's recurring nightmares about his patriotic values being attacked. I don't intend to have much background other than that. No deep lore, sorry.

Being my first game to be released commercially, I would like to gather feedback from the players to make sure the direction I intend to take with the game is a good one. The gameplay will make or break this game and I want to make sure it's at the very least satisfying to play.

I have started a few projects ever since I've been working in Unity (nearly 2 years experience) but never finished them for fear of failure throughout the greenlight process. This is a small game that will be sold cheap for short but intense bursts of action. I hope to learn from this experience and want to make something I will enjoy playing as much as you will.

If you'd like to follow micro progress, you can follow me at: