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HYBRIS - Pulse of Ruin

Status Updates

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2017-02-13: title changed from 'HYBRIS - Pulse of Ruin [Demo included]' to 'HYBRIS - Pulse of Ruin'
2018-06-11: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Our world has been divided for thousands of years. The Pure, chosen people by the gods, living in paradise. The Impure, those whose sins have brought ruin to our world, living in the devastated outworld. They will never be forgiven. This is the divine order our gods have established.

Through fateful circumstances, a man of the Impure meets a woman of the Pure. To save her life, the man has no choice but to take the woman of the Pure to the outworld. Committing the greatest crime of all, his only chance for redemption is to bring her back to paradise safely.
Will he atone for his sins, or will he rebel against the gods themselves? For she could hold the key to dethrone the almighty gods.

Accompany Kiro, an Impure demon hunter, and Saia, a young woman of the Pure, on their long journey to Eden. Hunted by demons, heretics and the gods themselves, they try to find peace in a world that has known nothing but suffering for over a thousand years.

Hybris: Pulse of Ruin is an upgraded and translated version of the German RPG-Maker Hit Hybris: Rebirth.


Download Demo:

What you will get:

Deep and intense story:
This story is not about saving the world from evil. There is no good or evil. It's a character driven story about surviving in a hostile world. The world is ruled by gods, and there is little man can do to change destiny. Some have accepted that and others still struggle. But all of them are just searching for something that can ease their pain. To find their place in this devastated world. To find hope.

Unique world:
Explore a huge world and use the characters unique abilities to solve puzzles.
Experience a world where obedience to an oppressive religion is the only way to deal with pain, loss and suffering.

Engaging battles:
- Fast and easy controls: Chose battle actions and targets with numberkeys instead of scrolling through menus

- Individualize your characters: You have all the freedom to develop your characters according to your wishes. Chose from nine different elements to level up and learn new skills.

- Set the right skills: Each character can equip up to nine skills from a pool of over 200 skills in total. Preparation is everything! Know your enemy and arrange the most effective skillset.

- Watch the environment: The environment and your actions heavily influence the battlefield. Depending on the environment, elements are more or less effective. Fire skills will be weaker when it's raining for example. However, the players or the enemies actions can change those settings. Wind skills will strengthen wind and weaken earth for example. Elements can be combined furthermore.

- Get rewards: The game will reward efficient player actions. Earn bonuses to boost experience, recovery or item rate.

Lots of extras:
Tons of extra content like sidequests, minigames, character diaries with more backstory and more.
Over 40 hours of gameplay to complete the full story.