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Survivalizm - The Animal Simulator

Status Updates

2016-12-07: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Survivalizm - The Animal Simulator'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-03-07: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
The Simulator you've been waiting for is finally here.
Survivalizm The Animal Simulator.

Survivalizm is an open wildlife game where you play as animals.Animals vary from Herbivores to Carnivores and from smallest of animals to the largest of animals.

In order to survive in Survivalizm, players must use all the animal's abilities at their disposal to stay alive.
Animals have a sense of sight, smell which will work as a major ability in the game.


• Inspired from countless Survival games and the Shelter Series. Take care of your family while Surviving in a realistic forest environment.

• The game is as realistic as I could try to make it. The references are taken from real animals, everything is researched from websites like national geographic, animal planet, wiki, other sites about animals.
Everything has been to the best of effort kept to a realistic fashion: age ,size, weight, movement, fight style, nature of the animal etc.

• The animal which is chosen by the player will be born into the game as a CHILD and the gameplay as a child will govern how strong, fast and good the ADULT will have.

• Dual Tier Unlocking System:
1. Unlock characters abilities in game with levelling up with Age and Actions
(Actions like running for a long time, hunting, foraging)
2. Unlock Characters as a whole. In the beginning of the game you will start off as the smallest animal available (right now Rabbit). Earn Karma points in game which will lead you to unlock the next character, a slightly bigger animal.

• Day and Night Cycles.

• Herds.
- Can player become Herd Leader ? Yes, If you kill the previous herd leader. Then you can become herd leader.

• Once the animal is old enough to mate, Mating will be an option. Which will lead to kids. You have to protect your kids and also feed them.

• Unique Gameplay style for each animal. Strength for Lion but Speed for Deer.

• A big-♥♥♥ map.

• Over 15 Animals to choose from:
- Rabbit
- Chital Deer
- Red Tail Deer
- White Tail Deer
- Wolf
- Zebra**
- Bengal tiger
- White Tiger **
- African Lion
- Black Panther
- Cheetah **
- Bear
- Giraffe **
- Rhino **
- Elephant

- Birds ***
- Aquatic Animals ***

& all these animals will have separate baby models to play as. As Adult and Babies have very different body structure and movement styles.

[ ** - Animals still to be introduced into the game. ]
[ *** - Will come in later. ]

Future Goals

• Bigger and Better Maps.

• Birds and Aquatic Animals (in that order). Work has already begun on an Owl.

• Mini Game Modes.

• Stories for each Animal. Fantasy and Real.
( Ex. for Fantasy - Red Riding Hood. Ex for Real - Animal Planet stories )

• Best of all - Multiplayer.

There is no 100% guarantee that all of the future goals will be completed, as I'm a single developer working on this.
More support you give to me and the game the better. Please spread the word I'd be grateful.

Please visit the Website www.survivalizm.com or
http://www.indiedb.com/games/survivalism-ibm , go to the forums and post your ideas , features missing, features demand, bugs.

So we all can work together to make this game good.

I would like players interaction in this game to make it FUN and REALISTIC. So Player involvement is very essential for the game.