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Status Updates

2016-05-02: title added to greenlight with the title of 'NEO NOW'
2016-05-02: title changed from 'NEO NOW' to 'VentureVerse'
2016-06-01: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Removed'
VentureVerse is a top-down dungeon-crawling action-adventure game with an emphasis on user-generated levels. You will explore dungeons filled with enemies and puzzles in order to earn gold and unlock new weapons, spells, armour and more. The game is being created by Matt Capener, with an original soundtrack by Emmanuel Lagumbay.

VentureVerse is planned to release in Early Access in Summer 2016 for Windows PC. Mac and Linux versions will be released shortly after.

Key Features

  • Traverse the map of Ulora and find new dungeons to conquer.
  • Fight hordes of unique monsters and solve puzzles to progress.
  • Unlock a variety of weapons, armour and spells to build your own unique play style.
  • Create and share your own dungeons using the deep but easy-to-use level editor.

The gameplay in VentureVerse is split into two main modes; the dungeon mode and the map mode.

Dungeon Mode is the main mode in the game, where you use your collecton of weapons, armour, items, spells and gear to take on levels filled with puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat. The game features a variety of dungeons which are unlocked over time, but you can also complete dungeons created by other players using the level editor. All levels reward Vaara, which can be used to buy items and services in the cities of Ulora.

Map Mode is played when you need to get from one place to another. The map of Ulora is filled with board game-like spaces which can be used to hop around the map, however random events can pop up to add extra danger to your journey. Ulora houses 7 cities which each have unique services available. All cities have a Blacksmith (for armour and weapons), an Arcane Study (for spells) and an item shop (for consumable items) along with some special services including the Warehouse, the Library and the Shrine.

As you conquer the dungeons of Ulora and beyond, you earn Vaara, the currency of Ulora. This currency can be spent at one of the seven cities scattered across the land, which each have unique shop inventories and services. In VentureVerse there are no experience levels, so just about every piece of equipment you find can offer a new, viable way to play the game. There is a large variety of things to unlock, and more will be added in regular updates. These unlockables include:

Weapons come in various shapes and sizes, but the most useful one will be your trusty sword. You can carry a primary weapon along with a secondary elemental weapon and a ranged weapon at any time. Swords can differ in damage dealt, attack speed and blade size, and they can also have special abilities and features. All swords have a primary attack along with two special attacks, which can take a while to charge but provide options in battle.

Armour comes in two forms; body armour and headgear. Headgear is purely cosmetic, but allows you to further customise your character to suit your personality. Body armour can drastically change your play style, altering the amount of base health, stamina and defense you have. Every piece of body armour also has a unique ability or effect, such as the Carved Granite Cuirass negating 80% of incoming knockback and the Cleric Sky Robes gradually healing the player over time.

Spells can provide further options in combat in all sorts of ways. The effects of spells can differ drastically, from launching fireballs from your hands to summoning allies. You can take four spells with you at any time, but some have much larger mana costs than others. Other examples include the Doran Sprint, which allows you to move twice as fast, and the Shard Shield, which places a permanent shield on the ground, perfect for blocking incoming projectiles.

Consumables can be found in dungeons or purchased from an Item Shop. You can take up to four consumables into a dungeon, but only one item will appear per hotbar slot, so you must choose carefully. Consumables have various uses, such as the health-restoring potions, the damage-enhancing poison and the auto-reviving Life Crystal.

Gear such as the Grappling Hook and Avii Grabber Gloves cannot be purchased in a shop, but they can be upgraded in the Workshop. Upgrades change the looks and, most importantly, the efficiency of the item. For example, upgrading the Grabber Gloves reduces the time it takes to lift or throw an object.

In VentureVerse you are not limited to exploring just the developer-made dungeons of Ulora, but you can also explore the VentureVerse itself; a multiverse of alternative dimensions which house the player-made dungeons. These dungeons can be made using the easy-to-use but robust Dungeon Editor, located on the main menu. The editor allows you to create your very own levels which can then be compiled into a dungeon and released for the world to enjoy. Plus, playing these levels will grant all the same benefits that are gained from the Uloran levels!

The editor has an ever-growing list of features including:

A simple interface which allows you to very easily get your levels just right. The Build menu allows you to place objects while the Details menu allows you to make changes to the overall atmosphere and style of the level. Once placed, an object can simply be moved, deleted and cloned using simple on-screen menus.

Object Options can be found on most objects, allowing you to change various options unique to each object to help suit your needs. Some options change the appearance of the object while others make important changes to the functionality.

Wiring can be used to easily attach two objects together. For example, a lever has an output and a door has an input. Attaching the output of the lever to the input of the door will cause the door to open whenever the lever is turned on. This makes it easy to create your own puzzles which can vary massively in complexity.

Actors can be created to help bring your level alive. You can use up to 10 unique actors in each level and you can customise each one before adding them to the level. They can then be used with various logic objects, such as the Actor Waypoint to move the actor to a specific position and the Actor Dialogue Switcher to turn the actor into a speaking NPC.

Objectives can be added to give the player a clear impression of what to do. There are multiple premade objective exit doors for things such as defeating every enemy and finding a certain number of collectibles, but custom objectives can also be created.