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Status Updates

2016-02-15: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Multitasking'
2016-03-11: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
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2018-02-08: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
How many minigames can you play at once? Perhaps two? Maybe three? What about four? How long can you last against an increasingly difficult onslaught of continuously-shuffling minigames? All of the gaming skills you've built up over the years will be tested in this unique, thrilling new experience!

It starts easy, sure. One game at a time. Each minigame is super-simple, involving just one single task. Hit the paddle with the ball, avoid the other cars, fire at the right time to blast the aliens...for about 8-10 seconds, then it disappears. But soon enough, a second game will begin before one is finished. No problem, just play them both! Soon after that, you're always playing two simultaneous games. Then, a third one begins before those two finish...

Multitasking's patent-pending design enables up to 4 games to be played at once, using the entire Xbox 360 Controller! The buttons and triggers along the top of the controller control the game along the top of the screen. The left and right thumbsticks control games on the left and right sides, and the face buttons control games in the center! The 13 unique minigames are always shuffling, so the experience is different every time! Don't have an Xbox 360 Controller? That's OK…the Steam version adds keyboard controls! They're not merely tacked-on, they've been refined to give you the full experience!

How long can you last? Make a single mistake, and you're out! Pass the controller and see who can last the longest, or practice hard to head to the top of the Leaderboards! Freely-adjustable difficulty settings allow anyone to try, regardless of their skill level, so everyone can join the insanity! And, elite gamers can attempt to complete a fiendishly-difficult set of Achievements!

Multitasking also offers 30 unique Challenges, offering scripted minigame combinations to complete. They start easy, but get insanely difficult! Will you have the skills to complete them all? Or, perhaps you'd like to try some of your own combinations, or set up devious challenges for your friends? Practice Mode gives you full control! You can assign individual minigames of your choice to each slot, adjust their duration and difficulty, and give it a shot!

Multitasking will push you to your limits as a gamer, make your next party memorable, and provide hours of unique thrills! Want to try it for yourself? Please vote YES!


I created Multitasking because I wasn't sure if it would be fun or not. As it turns out, it is indeed fun...but it's a whole lot tougher than I thought it would be! It is also fascinating, on multiple levels. It is fun to watch as well as to play. Because we all multitask differently, each player's experience with it is unique to that player.

At the conventions I've attended over the years, many folks have asked for PC versions of the arcade-style games I've produced for XBLIG. Up until now, my answer for them has been "maybe in the future," but I've given them nothing…until now!

I feel that Multitasking is a fantastic place to begin this endeavor. It's easily the most unique, original concept I've ever created, and it contains the same signature arcade-style action featured in my other efforts.

I grew up with arcade games. Years later, arcade-style games remain my favorite games to both play and create. Narrative is optional; gameplay is everything to me. I encourage you to visit for more information on my titles. I create all of these games in my spare time, by myself, with no budget…but I only release games that meet my high standards for intense, challenging, and addictive arcade-style gameplay. If you love arcade games the way I do, please vote YES! I would love to bring both my existing catalog and future titles to Steam!