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Escape: Close Call

Status Updates

2016-02-20: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Escape: Close Call'
2016-02-25: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2016-03-27: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

How long can you last?

Escape: Close Call is an adrenaline rush car chase game set on a large map. You have to escape from the police, SWAT, and army, while completing missions, maneuvering through landmarks, and earning coins to upgrade your vehicle with weapons.

Core Game Loop:

  • Start.
  • Perform good maneuvers while surviving (close calls, skids, go through shortcuts, crash police cars) and earn in-game points.
  • Survive longer using power ups, studying and then beating enemy AI!
  • Collect zombies from crashed cars for more points.
  • Maintain a multiplier rate to increase points earned.
  • Crash (due to gas running out or collision).
  • Go to store (upgrade gas capacity, unlock/upgrade power-ups).
  • [Optional] Customize Vehicle/Flag.
  • Repeat.

Key Game Features:

  • Cinematic Close Calls when barely managing to evade enemy vehicles.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • Original menu system with a unique game theme.
  • Good AI that can be studied and beaten.
  • Game mechanics that reward thrill seeking and risk.
  • Diverse power-ups that can be upgraded and personalized.
  • Novel sense of progression through unlocking stages.
  • Dynamic day/night cycles and environmental effects.
  • Multiple ways to progress, from decoding vague mission titles to working towards unlocking a certain car, or lasting a certain amount of time.
  • 25 different vehicles that the player can drive, each with its own mechanics and advantageous properties. These include a spaceship, a tank, a garbage truck, and a gunship.
  • Enjoyable cinematic sequences from the close call maneuvers to the crash collisions, in a system where every play counts.
  • Run playback, where each move is recorded for later viewing.
  • Achievements and leaderboards to compare times and scores with friends.
  • Simple two button control system.
  • Multi-language support. Translations are not literal but contextual.
  • Smart tip/hint system which gives hints based on the conditions of gameplay, serving as a tutorial system.

How player motivation changes in the early, mid and late game:


  • Main purpose is surviving as game has a steep learning curve.
  • Missions are completed as a learning process, or by coincidence.
  • Confined to a small area, there is little complication.
  • The player discovers which weapons they want to upgrade according to their personal play style.


  • Weapons/powerups are needed to help last longer and earn more points. Different combinations are tested and perfected.
  • Second stage is unlocked with more space, more graphical elements, and more difficult enemies, which begets new strategies.
  • Missions are singled out and performed deliberately.
  • Players start to get the hang of the game and may show off moves and save their run recordings.


  • Third stage unlocked. Very difficult area with a high reward/risk ratio.
  • Conditions for unlocking cars are singled out and performed deliberately. Car shape and bonuses become significant.
  • Missions become less important as a means of getting coins, become more of a personal accomplishment instead.
  • Leaderboards and comparing scores with others become a significant reason for playing.
  • Gameplay “clicks”, and users start playing with the sole purpose of creating runs that they record and brag about. Instead of merely surviving the emphasis becomes increasing risk and thrill.

What's next?

We plan to introduce the following features in the future:

  • Time manipulation abilities (e.g. go back in time a few seconds to change course)
  • Composing a wholly original soundtrack specifically tailored to the game
  • Improving the AI engine and how enemies react.
  • Introduction of enemy helicopters and different flying objects.
  • Customizing vehicle physics for each model.
  • Additional stages that branch out non linearly.
  • Introduction of more game-experience-changing power-ups.
  • Introductions of quests (small missions involving interaction with the game world in a sandbox like manner, i.e. run over 10 gangsters, pick up and deliver object X, etc).
  • Adding a background story, which evolves with gameplay.
  • Introduction of dynamic Breaking-News-Like commentary on live action (imagine a news channel correspondent commentating on a high way chase as it is unfolding).
  • Free driving/sandbox mode.
  • Localization to all major languages.
  • Introduce several play modes (endless, task driven, challenges).
  • Environment changes based on selected Vehicle.
  • Introduction of fundamentally different worlds (i.e. water world and vehicles, such as boats, ships, submarines), each with its own individual stages.
  • Building more engaging quests and introduce story telling elements.