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Fenrisulfr Puzzle

Status Updates

2016-02-18: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Fenrisulfr Puzzle'
2016-02-25: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2016-06-03: item has been marked as Incompatable
2016-06-04: item has been marked as Compatable
2016-08-04: item has been marked as Incompatible
2016-08-04: item has been marked as Compatible
2018-02-19: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'


Fenrisulfr Puzzle interesting and simply for you
The game is still under developing. The official version of the game interface may change.
The number of chapters and levels are not much now. Game updates will in the form of DLC later.
If you have any questions or suggestions, we're welcome you to post it below in comment box.
Video Publishers: faydo

If you choose "NO" , please tell us why , it makes us to improve this game better, thank you


Japanese anime style scenery illustration

Japanese adorable Loli voice

Music box style background music

More difficult levels are optional

Thank you for your attention!


About us

Fenrisulfr, We are indie game designer from the Chinese, this is our first official work

We Hope you will like it. Thank every one of you to vote and comment our work.


Q:Is this game free?

A: Yes, the game is free, but we will introduced DLC . You can sponsor us by purchasing DLC if you like our game.

Q: The goal of this game?

A: Complete the puzzle as fast as you can.

Q: How can I support you now?

A: Thank you for your support. There are buttons at the bottom of the screenshot , if this game was released on Steam , you're willing to play?
Click the "Yes " button on it , more votes and comments can accelerate the speed of released on steam Store.

Q:Paid DLC is after greenlight?

A: We're not going to get money by selling DLC, both paid and free DLC may be introduced,
But this is depand on the voting of greenlight.
Our hope is to make a simple and fun game
This is our first step , we will not screwed up, please don't worry and vote us.

Q:What is the Fenrisulfr represent? What is the relationship between it and game?

A: Fenrisulfr is the name of our team, it is also the name of a powerful and evil wolf.
It is the culprit of the Ragnarok of Norse mythology.
The relationship between it and the game is simple, Fenrisulfr Puzzle means a puzzle game made by Fenrisulfr