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Super Slime Arena

Status Updates

2015-09-26: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Super Slime Arena'
2016-02-25: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2016-06-03: item has been marked as Incompatable
2016-06-04: item has been marked as Compatable
2017-12-16: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Super Slime Arena is a minimalist, local multiplayer fighting game where each character has a single, unique attack and one hit point leading to fast-paced action and adaptive strategy. Choose from 19 (and growing) different slimes to play with in multiplayer matches with as many players as you have controllers for. Play how you want with native controller support ranging from keyboard controls to USB NES to the DJ Hero turntable. Super Slime Arena is made to be a highly accessible game that everyone can enjoy without the usual meters to fill up or combos to memorize that present a barrier to fun in many fighting games.


• 19+ Unique Characters
• 5 Different Game Modes
• 2-8+ players (supports as many as you have controllers for)
• Wide/weird native controller support (including joysticks and the DJ Hero turntable)

Game Modes:

• Shuffle – Play through all slimes in a random order, come back as another slime when you die!
• Elimination – Play using 5 slimes drafted beforehand, last slime standing wins!
• Swap – Pick 3 slimes and switch between them at any time during the match!
• Monobattle – Everyone is the same slime, whoever wins the most rounds wins!
• Slime Rush – Be the first to get a KO with every type of slime!

The Future:

• The world record for most fighting game characters – We need 201 slimes in the game to beat Tobal 2.
• Mod support – Create your own characters and stages! Currently uses XML, and will have easy-to-use GUI tools for amazing custom slimes and levels!
• More stages – New stages with added features such as moving platforms, stage hazards, changed gravity, scrolling, etc.