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2016-07-12: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-05-31: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

PASSAGE is a fast paced 2D action adventure set in the dark, labyrinthine depths of a desecrated castle.

The inhabitants of a once prosperous castle have been taken over by a strange new cult. They have gone on a bloody rampage through the castle leaving twisted, torn bodies and the mark of the triangle: A symbol of their new religion. With the castle in a state of ruin they have taken to the depths where they have created their own unholy world... IT'S TIME TO TAKE BACK THE CASTLE.

  • The world is remixed every time you begin a new game.

  • Once you're in a game there are no more loading times.

  • A balancing score system that reflects not only how much you dish out but also how much you take.

  • No player lives concept, no levelling up, no unlockables, no BS!

  • Live score-chasing lets you know when you're competing for a spot on the leaderboard.

  • And last but not least...very modest PC requirement specs!


From straightforward hack 'n slashing to zippy wall jumping through maze-like tunnels, PASSAGE brings 90s arcade action to your PC or Mac. The power-ups, the weapons, the blood, the gore, it's all here. Think Metroid, Altered Beast, Splatterhouse, Mortal Kombat I & II... with a splash of He-Man?!??


The hero you control is a good guy really and all he wants to do is restore the sanctity of the castle and its people. But to do that he's gonna have to use their own black magic against them. When he's glowing red he can dash around and his rapid fire attacks make giblets of anything standing in his way. Get all the pieces of the mysterious Golden Eel medallion and glory is yours.


Every time you start a new game the chambers and tunnels that make up the world are re-shuffled so you can never get too comfortable. Enemies are randomly placed throughout the world as well to keep you guessing. And once your going, keep going because PASSAGE won't slow you down waiting for extra loading content during your play session.


PASSAGE was designed to be fun for all skill levels. How is this possible you ask?

1. No player lives concept

No punishing resets that make you cover vast parts of the game which you've already played. Unless you forgot the key!

2. You're never locked in to a fight

Run away, flee, get the hell out of there and get that power-up or weapon you remember from another room. Or just skip that part all together, go your own speed.

3. A fair, balancing score system

The scoring system in PASSAGE rewards the best players and that will be reflected on the leaderboard. But a low score won't prevent you from enjoying or even finishing the game so there's no shame in that.


So how does the balancing score system work? What kinds of things are you rewarded for? Here's just an example...

  • Multiple kills

  • Acrobatic kills while airborne

  • Decapitations

  • Perfect kills (no damage taken)

  • Holding on to the key for long stretches of time

And likewise, what kinds of things are you punished for? Anything that causes you damage, like taking hits or falling from high distances.

(Note: During gameplay there will be subtle sound cues letting you know you've done something special, but don't expect the screen to be plastered with distracting messages about your handiwork.)


Even though the action in PASSAGE happens fast the control you have is actually very precise. A variable jump means you control the height and distance of your jumps. Fine movements with the direction pad mean nudging the player only a couple pixels in either direction. Because of this, PASSAGE was designed from the ground up to work with a gamepad. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers are highly recommended but most DirectInput compatible gamepads should work fine. Don't have a controller yet? Don't worry you can always use the keyboard controls.