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Macroboy Y

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Macroboy Y is a multiplayer fighting game inside platformer environment. Your character can run, jump from floor, wall and ceiling, dash and shot in the four direction. Arenas are filled with deadly traps where you will have great pleasure to push your opponents. You can go alone and play the single player mode or have a nice rumble from two to eight players (local). Of course, we want it online in order to allow you to play with even more players.

You only need a few time to learn how to play and become an opponent you can't ignore, but in order to become dreadful, you will have to train yourself. A lot of moves are available:
- You can shot in the four directions
- You can keep the shot button down to create big shot
- You can dash to go faster and jump further
- You can eject your opponent by dashing on them
- You can climb on wall with your jump
- You can throw yourself down from a wall
- You can bounce on the ceiling
- You can took your opponent in your fall
Maps contains traps that are more or less deadly and a lot off arenas have important vertical parts: because you can easy go up and down fast, verticals arenas and aerial fights are common.

Several gaming modes are available, here are some examples:
[b]- Free for all[/b]
Simple fight with lives or score and a time limit
[b]- Team fight[/b]
[b]- Capture the flag[/b]
Steal the flag inside the opponent base and bring it back!
[b]- Protect the fort[/b]
You have to destroy the opponent base kernel. Players resurects while their kernel is still here.
[b]- Castle war[/b]
Several control points can be found on the map. You have to control all of them to win.
[b]- Collect all objects[/b]
[b]- Split-screen race[/b]
[b]- Shared screen race, with deadly borders[/b]
The screen follows the race leader.
[b]- Story[/b]
Run through the city while hunting the horde leaders. Fight them, send them in your traps, set bombs under their beds. Follow a story rich of complex situations.
[b]- Adventure[/b]
This mode is the biggest, but because of its complexity, it will only be added a few (probably more) time after the release of the original game as an update.
Choose one of the many sides that are fighting eachother to control the city: all bases and the city itself are your playground.Each camp have soldiers and a complex base that can be partially built by players. All bases have a kernel and a few leaders. Bases are separated from the central city by randomly generated areas. The city itself is partially randomly generated. Leaders are powerful but they only have one life. Soldiers return to the camp when they die. The destruction of your kernel means you lose and that your base now belongs to your opponent. The control of the city provides advantages like monitoring areas, weapons production or hiding places. A lot of players can play simultaneously and incarnate leaders or soldiers. In the case there is not enought players for every characters, artificial intelligences replace them. They organize attacks between them and against you and apply randomly chose strategies to their randomly built characters. With this kind of strucutre, a game is different each time you start a new.

[i]Macroboy Y est un jeu de combat multijoueur dans un environnement de jeu de plateforme. Votre personnage peut courir, sauter, sauter depuis les murs, depuis le plafond, foncer et tirer dans les quatre directions. Les arènes sont remplies de pièges où vous aurez grand plaisir à propulser vos adversaires. Vous pouvez y jouer seul grâce au mode aventure ou entrer dans une mêlée allant de deux à huit joueurs (en local). Bien sur, nous voulons que Macroboy Y se joue en ligne pour vous permettre de jouer avec encore plus de joueurs à la fois.

Le jeu offre différents mode allant du simple combat à la guerre de châteaux, capture de drapeaux ou même jeu de course. Il y a bien sur plusieurs armes et plusieurs personnages.


Macroboy Y takes place inside a post-apocalyptic future. Most of the world is desert and cities are incredibly large. People have formed several nations and cities to protect themselves against outside hordes.

The city of Eraunath was invaded by the forces of the gray horde and is ruled with an iron hand. In its heart was formed a resistance which fights them everywhere: in the streets, in the sewers, inside their bases.

[i]Macroboy Y se déroule dans un monde post-apocalyptique futuriste. La plupart du monde est désert et les villes sont incroyablement grande. Les gens ont formés des nations et des villes pour se défendre contre les hordes à l'exterieur.

La cité d'Eraunath a été envahie par les forces de la Horde Grise and celle-ci est dirigée d'une main de fer. Au cœur de la ville, une résistance s'est formée et elle combat l'envahisseur partout: dans la rue, dans les égouts et même dans leur propres bases...[/i]


Macroboy Y present a broken urban environment and robotic characters. The soundtrack is fast and made of basic electronic sounds, like chiptune.

From high buildings to wet sewers and dump. Streets, apartments, factories... Humans, cyborgs, humanoid robots, pure mecanic robots, blood and oil everywhere.

[i]Macroboy Y offre un décor urbain détruit et de nombreux personnages mécaniques. La bande son est rapide et fait de sons électroniques simples, comme du chiptune.

Depuis les haut immeubles jusqu'aux humides égouts et la décharge... Rue, appartement, usines. Humains, cyborgs, robots humanoide, robots purement mécanique, du sans et de l'huile partout.[/i]


Jason Brillante - Lead developer, Coder, Music, Graphic concepts, Story, Design

Stephane Delmas - Coder

Vadim Couteux - Level designer, Story

With the help of Fabrice Boissier Propser Gratian, Christian Pillon, Lisa Monpierre, Bérenger Brillante, Caroline Singh and Benjamin Colombe.

Thanks to Antoine Virèque for the trailer


We are Megaman fans that were sad when Megaman legend 3 was canceled because it meant the end of the franchise.
We challenged ourselves to create our own platform game, with fast action and with what Megaman lacks: a multiplayer mode!

We developed a quick and dirty prototype almost a year ago. The prototype features basic moves, a few maps and musics, temporary graphics and you can play it multiplayer thanks to a split screen. There is eight weapons and five characters. A little single player game is available.

We have just started to develop the new version, that's the game we want to distribute on Steam.

[i]Nous sommes des fans de Megaman attristé par l'annulation de Megaman legend 3, car cela signifiait la fin de la franchise.
Nous nous sommes lancés un défi: créer notre propre jeu de plate-forme, avec de l'action rapide et avec ce qui manque à Megaman: du multi-joueur!

Nous avons développés un prototype "quick and dirty" il y a presque un an. Ce prototype propose les mouvements de bases, quelques cartes, de la musique, des graphismes temporaires et on peut y jouer à plusieurs grâce à une division de l'écran. Il y a huit armes et quatre personnages. Un mode solo est disponible.

Nous venons juste de commencer la nouvelle version, celle que nous souhaitons distribuer sur Steam.[/i]