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2016-07-27: title changed from 'Super Adventure Pals 2' to 'The Adventure Pals'
2017-08-11: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
The Super Adventure Pals series is back for another action-packed story, but this time the stakes are higher, the characters are wackier and the pets are more… giraffeier?

The sequel to the award winning Super Adventure Pals, ride your giraffe across an open world, discover secrets, bash up some baddies and enter a colorful world of laughter and adventure where using a giraffe’s tongue as a helicopter propeller is a legitimate means of transport.

Super Adventure Pals 2 is a lovable action RPG platformer in which you travel the land and battle monsters-a-plenty in an epic quest to rescue your Papa from the evil Mr. B who is hell-bent on turning him into a hot dog! But fear not, for you are not alone; you have the help of your good friends the Giraffe and your pet rock Mr. Stone!

Level up along the way for new weapons, stats and hat colors, fight a wide range of enemies and defeat Mr. B in a number of epic boss fights. Interact with NPCs in towns and visit the shop to stock up on equipment and buy new abilities. See the Blacksmith to craft upgrades for your weapons and replay levels for diamonds which can be used to buy unique abilities.

  • Available for PC, Mac and Linux
  • A mix of lovingly hand crafted platformer levels, combat focused arena areas, procedurally generated underground dungeons and RPG-like towns and NPCs areas
  • 5 world areas with multiple towns and locations in each. Areas include; Treevale Forest, Haunted Pirate Cove, Post-Apocalyptic
  • Dinosaur-inhabited Wastelands, an Underwater Aztec Jungle and a Ghost Town on the Moon.
  • Beautiful cartoon like 2D graphics, funny story and good clean platforming fun!
  • Face huge bosses, and many, many types of bizarre enemies include a hot-dog that poops mines and a jellyfish ghost that spawns flying gummy unicorns!
  • Mini-games! Wager your hard earned cash at the chicken racing or compete against shape throwing octopuses in a dance competition! Each area has a different mini-game and it is up to you to track it down and find it!
  • Drop in and out co-op play.
  • 1080p HD graphics @ 60 frames per second. This is not a flash game being taken to steam, this will have been built from the ground up for desktop.

The game begins as a simple rescue story; Mr. B kidnaps your father in front of you and immediately the clock begins ticking. You must get him back before your Papa is turned into a tasty meat-based snack (garnished with a splattering of mustard and a side of pickles) in Mr. B’s burgeoning fast food empire. However, things are not as simple as they first seem and before you know it your journey takes you face to face with zombie pirates, giant evil trees, bosses made of breakfast foods, your very own evil clone and of course, post-apocalyptic dinosaurs! It will be a huge adventure, but with your friends by your side you can take on anything… can’t you?

At its heart, Super Adventure Pals 2 is a platforming game; dodge traps, combat monstrous enemies and hop into giant toasters to be launched skyward. use your Giraffe’s neck as a grappling hook and his tongue as a helicopter propeller. Throw your pet rock at nearby enemies and catch him as he boomerangs back to you. There are sword fights, treacherous leaps of faith and an abundance of bad guys in this exciting tale of friendship, imagination and most importantly, adventure!

Super Adventure Pals features some very stripped back RPG elements, such as gaining XP from killing enemies and leveling up to upgrade your stats. Pick from health, attack damage or upgrading Mr. Rock (your ranged attack). Each level-up is accompanied by a visual cue, so for example, upgrading your attack damage gives you a bigger and better weapon, while upgrading Mr. Rock might give him a cool pair of sunglasses!

Each area has a main town as well as a number of smaller NPC locations on the world map. Each one has a different theme and is filled with colorful and lovable NPCs who give you quests and items. This is also where you can find the blacksmith who can craft temporary weapon upgrades for you, so long as you can pay the price!

Each town has a shop associated with it which sells potions, bombs and other supplies. But most interestingly they all stock their own unique special items, which can only be purchased with diamonds, which can only be earned by replaying levels. These items give you a special ability, rewarding those true adventurers who replay completed areas.

Ride your giraffe across an open world map to get between levels, towns, secret locations and resource areas. Levels are locked until they are revealed to you through quests while some areas of interest can be discovered at any time, so long as your heart is true, your spirit is brave and you are willing to explore.

We would love to hear ideas for the game and if you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas please let us know and we can also answer any questions you might have in the comments section below.

Play the original game on Armor Games: http://armorgames.com/play/13529/super-adventure-pals
We loved making it and really hope we can create the next and bigger and better chapter of the Super Adventure Pals!