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Empires in Ruins

Status Updates

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2015-07-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
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2018-04-12: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Empires in Ruins is a Turn based strategy/Tower defense/Empire management hybrid, with a black humour infused plot, set in a grim, disillusioned world.

What is different in Empires in Ruins?

Empires in Ruins gameplay mechanics revolve around two main components: the main map (turn based strategy and empire management) and the combat map (real time tower defense).

You expand, strengthen and defend on a turn based strategy map. You will have 26 regions to tame and improve to increase production and military prowess while following a twisted plot that explores the lower aspects of human beings.
Fight then your battles in tower defense fashion with an advanced engine that edges on RTS for several features, while still not losing its original TD nature.


  • Decision-based evolving plot.
  • Conquer regions, fortify them and improve their productivity. Defend them from the internal rebellion and from the enemy in fast paced strategic Tower Defense maps.
  • More than 20 well specialized towers with unique special abilities (Flaming arrows, Caltrops, Dog Kennels, Harpoons, Throwing nets, Critical attack, etc..).
  • Towers experience based ranking (levels) and multiple upgrades options
  • Non-combat buildings (Lumberjack, Mine, Quarry, Builders tent, Barracks, etc).
  • Enemy Sappers open new paths in the map during the game. Ground, water, air, amphibian, and special secret paths for incoming enemies.
  • 25 unique maps each with special unique events.
  • Advanced Scout-based recon system.
  • Advanced construction system with workers, construction sites and construction times.
  • More than 100 specialized technologies to research and unlock
  • Hire Heroes to command your towers and Governors to rule your regions. Beware of betrayals.
  • Two bands for a unique game soundtrack: Red Dew Hellpipes (Folk Metal) and Tribauta (Traditional Celtic Music)

You are Hans Heimer, the grumpiest, unruliest Sergeant of the Koth Army, sent on a punishment assignment: taming the rebellion that is raising in the Western Marches of the Principality of Koth. But as everything in the world of Empires in Ruins, every stinky rotting horse crap is covered by a plating of fake gold. If Sgt. Heimer thought that the mission was awful, it is only because he didn't see the rest of it yet.

Is it gonna be more than what the grumpy Heimer can chew or did someone just screw with the wrong Sergeant?