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Flawed Ones: Puppeteer

Status Updates

2016-06-03: item has been marked as Incompatable
2016-06-04: item has been marked as Compatable
2018-07-17: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Flawed Ones: Puppeteer is a game about a puppeteer, who can control people and his armies from his shadow theatre stage like people controlling soldiers in real-time strategy games.
Our main character is a simple puppeteer who wanders between towns and cities to make a living. One day he performs a show about some poor children, who steal a delicious looking cake. But they are beaten down to death by guards. Surprisingly, what happens in his show, while he performs, happens right in front of the audience as well. At that day our main character, the puppeteer, gains the power of controlling people from his shadow theatre stage.

The following events after this intro will be processed in a realistic logical way. The puppeteer is neither a defender of justice nor bringer of pain and destruction. Within that unjust kingdom that he lives in, he will (or maybe will not) discover his own soul through the temptation of power and benefits, while experiencing the elements of human nature. The game will have a breathe taking scenario with references to sociological and philosophical matters.

$5 on IndieGoGo:


Main features:

- Unique shadow play theme and scenario
- 8 types of units, 3 types of towers, 3 types of buildings & 1 castle, 6 types of skills/tools, 5 types of buildings which can be captured, more than 200 upgrades in total for each above
- Unique gameplay: Strategy, simulated combat and action combination
- Indirect decision making system via short shadow play shows
- Dynamic change between shadow play and cartoonish graphics
- Cross platform multiplayer available
- Naval battles

1) Main Strategy Gameplay:

Basically there are 3 main lanes that player can capture buildings, build buildings, train unit squads, and use battle tools/skills. According to the territories, the scene becomes shady or colorful. Shades represents the puppeteer's area for he controls his army from his shadow play stage. You need to build and upgrade certain buildings to train units. They all have weaknesses and strengths. Like if there are Archers or Catapults in the battleground Camel Rider will slide through the other units and start attacking those Archers. With this kind of skills we aim to increase our tactical variance. Player cannot directly commands units.

One of the most important parameters in this kind of game is distance. Distance affects almost everything in the game. Winning side is always disadvantaged by the distance. For example when player fires the Great Ballista, the cooldown will not start until the arrow hits the target. So the losing side will be able to use them more frequently.

2) Mini Shadow Theatre Shows:

Mini shows are basically mini games with no close relation to the main story. They are the indirect decision making mechanism of the game and they will affect the game scenario. This will be another unique feature of the game. There will also be direct decisions, which will be chosen by the puppeteer himself.

3) Cinematics:

Prepare for frequent cinematics, because there will be a lot. We think our art is really unique and suits well with the concept and scenario. With enough IndieGoGo funding, there will be more endings as well!

4) Special Shooter Level:

Well it is a little bit of spoiler but I really want to make an awesome shooter level as well, which you will control a berserk giant elephant mounted by axe throwing barbarians! This will be made if we reach enough IndieGoGo funding.

"The setup for what looks to be a really interesting strategy game in which the battle is played out in lanes and it's very clear which side is winning at any given time." -