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War of Two Worlds

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2016-12-29: status changed from 'Concept' to 'Removed Concept'
War of Two Worlds is a game i am currently working, that fictioalizes a battle between science fiction and fantasy, and the struggles of two characters as they try to find what is really going on. The player will choose one of two protaganists, and they follow them through a story, that while intertwining with the other character, is a unique journey of their own. While still in ealry planning, I intend for the game to play like classic Metroidvania games, with an RPG flavoring. As a player i love adventure, and exploring the world as I see fit, and want to be able to create that experience for a player, while also including RPG elements that make the experience far more unqiue.

As a game inspired heavily by Metroidvania, I intend to make this a sprite style game, with detail more than enough to tell whats going on, but also simplistic enough for the nostalgia feel to still exist. The music would reflect the area of the world that the player is in, more modern, rock and electric music for the sci-fi inspired areas, as opposed to accoustic and natural music for fantasy based areas. I want as much as possible to be linked to the opposing themes that over arch for the game.

Gameplay, as inspired by Metroidvania games, will largely focus on explorative platforming. With different characters having different abilities. Thats where the RPG inspired systems come in. I intend to have a party system in place, that allows you to tag out characters at will, with some limits of course, can't let the player cheat the system.

As there is a large world to explore, instead of everything being directly linked on a single gigantic map, I will link each section of the world together via transport hubs, or other ways of moving from area to area. This will allow for more naturally diverse areas, instead of it being a cool damp cave in one room, and a fiery inferno of death in the next.

Combat wise, i want the game to be able to play like a fighting game, albiet a simple one. With input commands for specials, and more basic combat options beyond a single attack at a time. This will let there be more options for players when approaching combat, than *attack-jump back-attack-jump back* and repeat untill someone dies.

As someone who enjoys a game for how it plays and feels, just as much as the story, I want to have equal focus on gameplay and story, I dont want to sacrifice quality in one for the other.

All in all this is very much a work in progress game, I am one person setting out to make a game, so right now i have no idea when i can say i can expect this to be out.

I want to make a game that is fun to play, and an engaging story that is a thrill to experience, I was originally going to make this a turn based strategy, but had since decided that this would be a much more enjoyable game.