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The Regret of Vitrerran

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The Regret of Vitrerran is a real-time card game with RPG elements and a character-driven story. Pick your characters, build your deck, and save Vitrerran!


Experience a new kind of card game, one that doesn't go back and forth in precise, slow-moving turns but operates in real time and right now. Think fast and move quickly, for the monsters and infected populace of Vitrerran won't wait for you to choose your best cards and plan ahead.

Cards come in four types: attack, defense, magic, and utility, and these come in different shapes and strengths. You’ll be actively placing them onto the battlefield in real time, balancing strategy with action.

The battlefield consists of an attack grid, a defense grid, and the playing field itself. You must manage all three of these locations at once to be successful. You’ll both be trying to create openings with attack cards while closing defensive holes with defense cards, creating an active back-and-forth until damage can be dealt.

Magic cards come in eight primary types: fire, ice, sand, swamp, water, wind, forest, and assassin and heavily alter the game's flow. These cards can directly affect the playing field or change how the attack and defense grids function. Set the field ablaze, freeze it solid, or create a torrential storm.

Finally, utility cards act as weapon and armor upgrades. Alter attributes like walk speed, spell radius, magic/attack delays, and many more.

All cards are weighted, and your deck can only be so heavy. You’ll have to balance out all of your upgrades.

The Story

The Continent of Vitrerran has always been at odds with itself, with the different nations forever squabbling over petty issues. This normalcy seemed like it would continue forever until a group of mages were struck with idea of uniting their collective home. Portals. The answer was simple. If travel and commerce were easier, Vitrerran’s people would finally understand that they weren’t so different, despite their looks or locations. Vitrerran could finally come together.

They built the portals, and the excitement of a new future grew throughout the land. But the portals did not work. What came forth weren’t settlers or traders but monsters and destruction.

Key Features

  • Four campaigns with eight different characters
  • A unique take on the deck-based card game
  • Character driven story
  • Eight different types of magic
  • Hundreds of cards to collect
  • Stained glass art style

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8