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Crying is not Enough (Coming Q1 2018)

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" Crying is not Enough " is an upcoming third person 3D action adventure game for PC, MAC and Linux, with the option of further expansion into various consoles. The game is using the Unity Engine and it is currently under development.

Crying is not Enough represents the first part of the Project Chromopolis series (, which is unfolding in a period of 100 years and splits in 3 different seasons that connect with each other with various Flash Backs & Flash Forwards.

The main character controlled by the player is a 35 year old man, named Jacob. During the game, Jacob will have to encounter humans and mysterious creatures in No man’s Land, a parallel Playable world along with the world the Jacob came from. The gameplay consists of solving mysteries and puzzles, fighting with and without guns, and progressing your character while keeping in mind his karma level. The game can treat you in various ways based on how you play it.
"Crying is not enough" key features:
• 9 Episodes + Season Finale
• Beautiful 3D Environment & characters
• 10+ hours of gaming
• Gameplay in two worlds
• Various weapons and skills
• Both gun and melee fighting
• Alternative endings
• Professional voice acting. Dean Wendt will be Jacob's voice, best known as the voice of Barney on the "Barney & Friends" show.
• Karma System. The player's choises affect the character's karma. Enemy reactions are affected by the karma level of the main character, Jacob.
• Various playable Flash backs and Flash Forwards, where the player is called upon to manage other key characters apart from the main character.
• Level Up System.
• Many puzzles out of which some are harder to sort out depending on the Karma Level.
• Weapon Crafting System
• Complete UI, Minimap, Compass and Objective indicator
• Competent A.I

It all starts with a tragic car accident where Jacob is injured and when he wakes up in the hospital he finds out that his beloved Claire is in complete coma. The purpose of his life is now bringing Claire back to life no matter what it takes.
A year later, the doctors announce to Jacob that they will have to end the technical support Claire is receiving since the chances of getting her back to life are limited. Suddenly and by coincidence the situation reverses. He meets a woman named Eleonore, who promised him to save Claire provided that Jacob will visit a mythical world parallel to his own, a so called “No Man’s Land”. He will have to face enemies that he did not even know existed and he will realize that the accident might not have been an accident after all.
It feels like a dream world. Nothing seems real. Even the rules of good and evil are different in this new world. Jacob will have to deal with moral challenges and situations that are influenced by another world while his decision making process will determine how the game plays out.

About Storyline Team

Storyline Team is an independent game development studio located in Athens, Greece. Storyline Team was founded in late 2012. Our current project is the development of Crying is not enough (The first Season of Project Chromopolis Trilogy).