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2016-06-03: item has been marked as Incompatable
2016-06-04: item has been marked as Compatable
2017-09-04: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'


  • DwarfCorp (short for Dwarf Corporation) is a simulation/strategy game which has you micromanaging a mining operation
  • Takes fantasy races (Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, etc.) into the 19th century with steam, gunpowder, imperialism, and capitalism
  • Hire workers, soldiers, wizards, craftsmen and more
  • Procedurally generated continents, civilizations, and global economy
  • Engage in trade and warfare with the natives!
  • Heavily inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, and Minecraft
  • Alpha coming to Windows PC, Linux and Mac ~June 2014

DwarfCorp: Ruthless Fantasy Capitalism Simulator

As Karl Marx once said, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to toiling for the Bourgeoisie we go! DwarfCorp is a comedic fantasy real-time strategy game in which you lead a colony of ruthless capitalist Dwarves to discover new lands, and exploit them for profit.

Dig deep into the earth to discover rare gems and ores, and send them back to the motherland in a balloon or ship. Defend your colony with walls, traps, and mercenaries. Promote your employees for their good work, or give them a slap if they get sloppy. Meet Elves, Goblins, Mole Men, Demons and more! Design your company logo and color scheme, and watch your company stock rise and fall against your competitors!

Our Site: http://www.dwarfcorp.com/site
Forums: http://www.dwarfcorp.com/forum
Twitter: @Dwarfcorp
Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1078333633/dwarfcorp


Back in the Dwarven Motherland across the great sea, the Dwarven King, Dunold the Wise, has chartered a number of Dwarf Companies to explore and colonize strange new lands beyond the sea. As a Regional Manager in one of these companies, it is your duty to scout out one such island and make a foothold for Dwarven civilization there.

Back home, the Dwarves are at the beginning of an industrial revolution. With newly invented gunpowder weapons and steam engines, the Dwarves have quickly overcome their ancestral enemies in the motherland, and have spread across the earth in search of profits and expanded market opportunities.

The Dwarves are a hardy race, and with access to gold, a warm hearth, and ale, can overcome any challenge -- and this colonization business is going to be a major challenge. The strange lands beyond the sea are uncivilized wilds, and full of unknown dangers. Competing companies see profit in these lands as well, and they don't take kindly to other firms edging in on their territory. Dwarven companies are ruthless competitors, demanding profits for their shareholders at all costs. If that means sacrificing a few measly workers for that extra ton of gold ore, so be it!

These are trying times for the Dwarves. Will you manage your company well and gain profit and glory? Or will you be driven back to the motherland by the hordes of savage Goblins, Elves and Mole Men, and thrown to the dustbin of history?


Dwarfcorp is played from a free-floating overhead perspective. The game takes place both above and below ground, and so is a truly 3D real-time strategy game. You can go up and down slices of the terrain, all the way from the fiery underdark to the snowy mountain tops.

You command a company of Dwarves by assigning them tasks such as Building, Mining, Gathering, or Attacking. Dwarves are pretty smart. Using symbolic planning-based AI, the Dwarves seek out unique ways to meet their own goals. Tell a dwarf to build a wood wall, and he will determine the best way to do that might be to chop down a tree, or else to grab the wood from a stockpile.

The goal is to gather resources and send them back to the Dwarven Motherland for profits, and grow your colony from a tiny enclave to a huge fortress. Generally, the more valuable the ore, the deeper it is in the earth.

Using the money from gathering resources, you can promote your Dwarves, or make them happier by paying them more. You can also hire more Dwarves with special skills such as Craftsdwarves, Soldiers, Wizards, and Musketeers to join your colony.

With your profits, you can upgrade your colony by constructing rooms. Training Rooms can give your Dwarves the edge in combat -- The Forge can be used to construct a wide variety of mechanisms and weapons to make your operation more efficient, The Laboratory allows your magical Dwarves to research powerful spells -- and of course Drinking Halls and Bedrooms allow your Dwarves to rest and relax (like they'll be doing any of that!)

You can choose to pay whatever you want to your Dwarves, but if you pay them too little, or treat them too poorly (say, by not giving them enough ale), they may go on strike! Unhappy Dwarves may choose to stay in bed rather than go to work, and will write you a bad manager's report to the corporate higher-ups. Happy Dwarves will be more efficient, and will even sing while working!

Beware! The surface is full of dangers. Hostile Elves and Goblins aren't too keen on the Dwarves coming and stealing all their stuff. Underground, it isn't much safer, as Mole Men and Demons dwell there.

Leverage your technical superiority over the local savages! Defend your fortress by constructing traps, hiring mercenaries and building a dazzling array of walls and channels.

The islands in DwarfCorp are procedurally generated and fully simulated.They are different every time you start playing. Fault lines, air currents, moisture, temperature, rainfall, rivers, lakes and oceans are all simulated through the passage of time -- which gives rise to forests, deserts, snowy tundra, jungles and grasslands. Additionally, civilizations of Goblins, Elves, Humans and Demons are randomly generated and given time to fight it out, so to speak, on the island. So you, as the Dwarven outsider, will make quite a splash as you arrive.

And speaking of splashing, DwarfCorp features a finite liquid simulation system. Drain entire lakes for Dwarven industry! Power water wheels with the flow of rivers! Direct channels of lava from volcanoes! Just take care that none of your employees drown

Day and night are simulated in the game, with the sun, moon, stars, and clouds dynamically moving across the sky. During the day, your employees may want to forage for food, but at night they had best stay underground -- where they can find caves, ores, dungeons, and other treasures.