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In Spring Valve will discontinue Greenlight
This list will remain for archival perpose
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Title Status Submission Date Steam Release Last Updated Bundles
SturmFront - The Mutant WarReleased01 Sep 201511 Aug 201829 Jul 2017Groupees GEMS2
Lord of DjinnReleased22 Sep 201403 Apr 201816 Jun 2017Groupees GEMS
ArchimedesReleased24 Aug 201601 Oct 201624 Sep 2016Groupees GEMS4
The Planet of the Vicious CreaturesReleased23 Jul 201605 Oct 201821 Sep 2016Groupees GEMS4
Battles of NorghanReleased04 Aug 201626 Sep 201820 Sep 2016Groupees GEMS4
ClawMegaUltraGreenlit22 Aug 201607 Sep 2016Groupees GEMS4
The Epsilon OutcomeGreenlit28 Aug 201607 Sep 2016Groupees GEMS4
Crypto HexGreenlit30 Mar 201628 Jul 2016Groupees GEMS3
Catapult Punishment!Greenlit27 May 201612 Jul 2016DIG GREENLIGHT Bundle 8
Groupees GEMS3
The Secrets of FogwoodGreenlit03 Jun 201612 Jul 2016Groupees GEMS3
Alchemist PenguinReleased21 Jan 201506 Jun 201827 Jun 2016Groupees GEMS2
YY SliderRemoved31 Jul 201506 Jun 2016Groupees GEMS
Poker KingdomsGreenlit11 Mar 201527 May 2016Groupees GEMS
AdvanceGreenlit07 Feb 201612 May 2016Groupees GEMS2
White LandsGreenlit28 Mar 201615 Apr 2016Groupees BAGB42
Groupees GEMS