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Title Status Submission Date Steam Release Last Updated Bundles
EnduranceReleased22 Nov 201617 Jan 2018Groupees BAGB56
Tiny Little Planet SagaReleased22 Feb 201701 Jul 201729 Jun 2017Groupees BAGB56
Aesthetic MelodyReleased08 Feb 201718 Apr 202108 Apr 2017Groupees BAGB56
What's under your blanket 2 !?Released15 Feb 201730 Mar 202131 Mar 2017Groupees BAGB56
Shadows 2: PerfidiaReleased11 Feb 201724 Mar 202115 Mar 2017Groupees BAGB56
Reality IncognitaReleased30 Oct 201631 Dec 202110 Mar 2017Groupees BAGB56
Goblin Harvest - The Mighty QuestReleased24 Oct 201506 Mar 202103 Mar 2017Groupees BAGB56
The tale of the Black PrinceGreenlit06 Feb 201728 Feb 2017Groupees BAGB56
The Last PatientReleased13 Nov 201613 Nov 202125 Feb 2017Groupees BAGB56
HellStarWaiting15 Feb 2017Groupees BAGB56