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Arcane Raise is now on STEAM Greenlight! Vote for us here.

In Spring Valve will discontinue Greenlight
This list will remain for archival perpose
The bundle listing will function as normal



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Title Status Submission Date Steam Release Last Updated Bundles
FIGHTING SPACEReleased11 Sep 201601 Dec 201615 Dec 2016Groupees BAGB50
ARK BOX UnlimitedReleased03 Aug 201630 Nov 201728 Nov 2016Groupees BAGB50
HadeReleased15 Sep 201628 Nov 201723 Nov 2016Groupees BAGB50
DynamicReleased01 Oct 201611 Nov 201711 Nov 2016Groupees BAGB50
Bundle Greenlight #7 19 October to 26 November 2016
Bundle Greenlight #7 19 October to 06 December 2016
Bundle Greenlight #7 19 October to 16 December 2016
Abduction BitReleased24 Sep 201615 Nov 201708 Nov 2016Groupees BAGB50
Happy Singh AdventuresGreenlit24 Aug 201618 Oct 2016Groupees BAGB50
Ladybug Quest || Free to PlayGreenlit17 Sep 201618 Oct 2016Groupees BAGB50
Puzzle PokerGreenlit15 Jun 201618 Oct 2016Groupees BAGB50
Toaster Shock ZGreenlit14 Sep 201618 Oct 2016Groupees BAGB50
Planet SmashersGreenlit18 Jun 201621 Sep 2016Groupees BAGB50

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