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Title Status Submission Date Steam Release Last Updated Bundles
Our Hero! Hyper SwordReleased05 May 201627 Apr 2018Groupees BAGB46
BGP OrbitReleased12 Nov 201324 Jan 2018Groupees BAGB46
Zero-GReleased05 Jul 201613 Jan 202230 Dec 2016Groupees BAGB46
AviatorsReleased05 Jul 201619 Jan 202219 Oct 2016Groupees BAGB46
NightmareZReleased28 May 201608 Sep 202216 Aug 2016DIG GREENLIGHT Bundle 8
OtakuMaker Bundle Mix #2 19 June to 26 July 2016
Summer Sale Deal #6: OtakuMaker Bundle Mix #2
Groupees BAGB46
OtakuMaker Bundle Mix #2 19 June to 06 August 2016
SPRINTGreenlit07 Jun 201627 Jul 2016Groupees BAGB46
Indigo ViperGreenlit22 May 201626 Jul 2016Groupees BAGB46
NeoWarsGreenlit02 Jun 201626 Jul 2016Groupees BAGB46
Interstellar Logistics IncReleased03 May 201615 Aug 202218 Jul 2016Groupees BAGB46
Go Mission: Space TravelReleased09 Feb 201621 Jul 202214 Jul 2016DIG GREENLIGHT Bundle 6
Bundle Greenlight #3 28 March to 06 May 2016
Groupees BAGB46