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Title Status Submission Date Steam Release Last Updated Bundles
Dinosaurs A Prehistoric AdventureReleased28 Jul 201519 Dec 2017Groupees BAGB31
Levantera: Tale of The WindsReleased21 Aug 201527 Sep 2017Groupees BAGB31
Day D: Tower RushReleased31 Aug 201507 Jul 202110 Jun 2016Groupees BAGB31
Groupees CASUAL4
Wanderer of TeandriaReleased15 Aug 201526 May 202124 May 2016Groupees BAGB31
Groupees BAGB35
Chill the PiroReleased15 Aug 201528 Apr 202129 Apr 2016Groupees BAGB31
Flag N FragReleased24 Aug 201529 Apr 202129 Apr 2016Groupees BAGB31
Combat RacersReleased28 Jul 201507 Apr 201616 Apr 2016Groupees BAGB31
Perfect UniverseReleased18 Aug 201526 Feb 201627 Feb 2016Groupees BAGB31
Hyper expansionGreenlit17 Jul 201523 Dec 2015Groupees BAGB31
NetwormGreenlit26 Aug 201501 Oct 2015Groupees BAGB31
Eaten AliveGreenlit26 Aug 201515 Sep 2015Groupees BAGB31