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Title Status Submission Date Steam Release Last Updated Bundles
30 days to surviveReleased11 Apr 201728 Feb 2018
Russian RoadsReleased07 Mar 201722 Dec 2017
Defence to deathReleased11 Feb 201711 May 202011 May 2017
Salamandra - The story of the pirateGreenlit17 Feb 201728 Feb 2017
The guard of dungeonReleased20 Dec 201603 Mar 202027 Feb 2017
Agility CubeWaiting03 May 2017
Conflict of the IndiansWaiting14 Mar 2017
ВулканWaiting18 Mar 2017
Russian TrucksWaiting10 Apr 2017
The soldier in the mineWaiting19 Mar 2017