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Title Status Submission Date Steam Release Last Updated Bundles
King of Crowns ChessReleased01 Aug 201607 Oct 2017Groupees BAGB53
AoF World Server & Community EditionRemoved06 Jun 201621 Jan 2017
Hate Free HeroesReleased14 Jun 201617 Jan 202211 Oct 2016
Ancients of Fasaria: Chess ClubReleased23 Mar 201501 Nov 201510 Jul 2015Groupees WGNNEVERFORGET
Angels of Fasaria 2D RPGReleased10 Jun 201409 Dec 201416 Dec 2014Groupees BAGB8
Fasaria World OnlineGreenlit06 Aug 2013
U Game Me - Legacy CollectionWaiting21 Jan 2017